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War Crimes in the Ukraine (06:04)


Those who committed heinous war crimes concealed their work in order to avoid prosecution. Archaeologist Richard Wright knows how to find the crime sites and how to reconstruct events. In 1990, Wright and his crew arrive in Serniki to uncover evidence of mass murder in the Ukraine.

Excavation of Mass Graves (03:52)

Wright and his colleagues gently unearth hundreds of human remains as well as shell casing evidence that implicates the Nazis in the massacre. Photographs are grim reminders of women and children waiting for their executions. Wright uses forensics and eyewitness accounts to build his case against one of the murderers.

Evidence from the Mass Graves (02:50)

Wright unearths evidence of viciously cruel murders, particularly of children, attributed to Heinrich Wagner. Can they prove Wagner's culpability? They find remains of children, and beneath them, the remains of adults. Despite strong archeological evidence, Wagner escapes prosecution.

Mass Murder of Bosnian Muslims (04:33)

Between 1992 and 1995, civil war rages in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Wright heads up excavations that will unearth evidence of the mass murder of Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica, murders orchestrated by Radislav Krstic.

Mass Graves: Spy Satellites and Forensic Evidence (03:26)

The ICTY elicits Wright's help to discover gravesites near Srebrenica. What he finds are bodies that were brought in from other primary sites. Spy satellite photos show the location of mass graves. Using forensic evidence and artifacts, Wright determines the dates of the executions.

Killing Sites (02:43)

Wright's team investigates all 31 sites on the ICTY list. Twenty-nine of these are primary mass graves, and seven of those are secondary graves in which bodies were dug up from primary sites and deposited. In all, Wright's team accounts for nearly 4000 massacre victims.

Archaeology and Justice (01:52)

Because Wright's findings are politically and emotionally charged, armed guards protect both the scientists and the gravesites. Wright is deeply committed to the archeological work of aiding the international community in the cause of justice.

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By grim coincidence, archaeologists are ideally suited by their conventional techniques to determine whether or not war crimes have been committed. This program looks at forensic archaeologist Richard Wright, whose work has greatly helped the international community in the pursuit of justice. The program shows details of his team’s findings at the Ukrainian village of Serniki, proving with such evidence as bullet manufacture and carbon dating that the SS had carried out the executions, not Stalin’s soldiers. Based on this work, Wright was asked by the UN to investigate 29 mass graves in Bosnia. The excavations helped convict the perpetrators of some of the most heinous ethnic cleansing in the Balkans. (28 minutes)

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