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Business in Europe (04:51)


Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, heads an international advertising company. His theory of monetary success is to provide 'trust and lust' for clients and growing his clients' businesses faster.

Team Players (05:42)

Kevin Roberts looks for recruits who are team players, competitive, passionate, and restless. His business tips are: let the CEO go after seven years, and never work in a declining industry.

Internet Expert Jim Rose (03:49)

Jim Rose, CEO of, a multi-language auction site, is a major e-commerce player. He is aggressive in cementing alliances for his company's long-term success.

International Business Online (06:05)

European Internet business is young. To succeed it must behave like a mature market without being drawn down by the maturing U.S. Internet market. Localization of business systems is essential.

Corporate Cultures (06:44)

Jim Rose, CEO of, faces the challenges of an American as CEO of a European company. Failures are useful as corporate opportunities for companies to improve.

International Branding (03:22)

As products become commoditized, branding is the only basis for differentiation and choices. Consumers in the new economy want relationships and information, not brands.

Developing a Brand (04:28)

Beyond the logical and theoretical reasons for branding, the more important reason is to develop a heart connection between brand and consumer.

Media Revolution (02:36)

The Internet medium allows for variable-priced e-commerce in the mass market. The brand message must make an impact within the first seven seconds that the consumer sees it.

Stakeholders and Shareholders (02:27)

Stakeholders are very important in businesses. When the stakeholders are satisfied, the shareholders are satisfied, too. Developing strong community for stakeholders is a key to success.

CEO Longevity (05:16)

CEOs reinvent themselves to avoid getting stale at their work. CEOs who love what they do are driven to work long hours, making many international connections. CEO energy inspires stakeholders.

Passion, Loyalty and Liquidity (04:36)

Successful CEOs give their workers and their consumers what they never dreamed possible for themselves. Bringing new services, features and functionalities creates loyalty and community.

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International Branding in the 21st Century

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Although America still holds the lead when it comes to e-commerce, Europe is catching up—fast. Filmed at the London Business School, this program brings together Jim Rose, CEO of, the UK’s Eurocentric answer to eBay, and Kevin Roberts, CEO of advertising giant Saatchi & Saatchi. Topics of discussion focus on the CEO and corporate culture, international branding, and old versus new media. In addition, MBA students and faculty ask questions about retaining online customer loyalty, managing merger risk, and stimulating employee commitment.

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