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Making Water a Commodity (05:52)


Water is a resource just like iron or oil. Commercial businesses want to privatize water resources for profit.

Controlling the Colorado River (04:30)

The diversion of the Colorado River for irrigation projects has reduced the flow to Mexico. For-profit corporations have commoditized this fresh water resource.

Controlling the Dispersion of Seeds (05:32)

Large corporations are patenting seeds and holding the rights to them forcing farmers to purchase these seeds from them every year.

Creating a Seed Famine (03:40)

Corporations purchase the rights to all of the seed varieties in an area and force farmers to purchase their seeds which creates a seed famine.

Patenting Genetics (08:55)

Businesses now patent genetic tests for medical treatments which restricts the research needed in treating diseases such as cancer.

Using Patents to Serve the Public Interest (01:46)

Today, we are seeing a shift in the rights conferred by patents away from serving the public interest and promoting research to giving businesses the right own the genetics of living species.

The Politics of Managing Health Care (04:09)

Budget cuts in health care are occurring at the same time governments increase funding to large corporations, claiming it is good for the economy.

The Public Health Care Crisis (04:55)

Millions of Americans live without health care. The debate is whether private insurance companies should profit while health care is being denied to those who most need it.

Patent Law and the Public Interest (06:10)

In Brazil, the law allows the government to infringe upon patents when it is a case of national emergency and in the public interest.

The Business Reaction Plan (05:34)

Governments have met and agreed to reduce national regulations and trade agreements that might stand in the way of business and force countries to yield to market forces.

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Some call it a winner-take-all opportunity. Others call it the exploitation of scarcity in its most extreme form. This program challenges big business’s alarming rush to commodify the world’s common resources—things as basic to life as drinkable water and human genes. Proponents of the common good square off against promoters of "business as usual," speaking out on controversial issues including exporting water from Canada, creating hybrid crop seeds and imposing their use on farmers, patenting the BRCA1 gene sequence, fighting against the free dispensing of generic versions of patented HIV medications, and drafting international trade agreements that create negative precedents that override existing environmental laws. (53 minutes)

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