Segments in this Video

North Korea in Economic Shambles (04:20)


The most closed-off place in the world, North Korea is ruled by Communists after WWII. Janet Choi explores her roots and discovers a country in economic shambles, but building its military.

American Journalist Visits North Korea (04:28)

Journalist Janet Choi is the first person in 50 years from her family to visit North Korea during the 2002 festival. Policemen control her itinerary and what she films.

North Korean Government Controls (02:11)

Pyongyang is a run down city completely controlled by government propaganda. Citizens must wear a pin with a picture of the leaders at all times.

North Korea Feels Like a Prison (01:53)

Choi and her producer, Mitch, go jogging confined to the front of their hotel. The tour is carefully orchestrated. The citizens are expressionless and quiet, and yet there are small signs of rebellion.

Journalist Tours North Korea (02:45)

At the Children’s Art Center, children dance and play music in unison, seemingly without a voice of their own. In the country, emaciated people work on arid farms. Choi visits her ancestral village.

North Korean Traditional Music (01:09)

Choi introduces the guard to American music, and he repays her by taking her to a performance of traditional Korean songs. She leaves North Korea physically and psychologically exhausted.

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This undercover report documents the stark poverty and extreme repression in North Korea that exist alongside spectacular cultural events and age-old customs unfettered by political ideology. Posing as a tourist, broadcast journalist Janet Choi risked arrest to get an inside look at one of the planet’s most secretive—and brutally totalitarian—countries while under surveillance by a police "tour guide." Archival footage, an interview with a defector, and commentary by Dr. Daniel Pinkston and Timothy McCarthy, both of the Center for Nonproliferation Studies, provide additional insights into the country’s history, culture, military posture, and living conditions. (18 minutes)

Length: 19 minutes

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