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Who are the men and women who bring bloody death to innocent civilians? Why do they do it? What are their methods? And how do they justify it? This emotionally charged four-part series provides unprecedented interviews with dozens of bombers, gunmen, hijackers, kidnappers, and radical leaders as it scrutinizes key terror campaigns that changed the course of modern history, right up to the destruction of the World Trade Center. These powerful interviews, intercut with grim newsreel film and video footage and peppered with photos from police and news archives, make this series an unforgettable viewing experience. 4-part series, 47 minutes each.

Item#: BVL31760

ISBN: 978-0-7365-7038-1

Copyright date: ©2002

Reviews & Awards

"Essential viewing."—Time Out: London

"Remarkably ambitious…compelling."—The Sunday Times (London)

"Must-watch…superb…incisive and revealing."—The Daily Telegraph (London)

"Fascinating insights and chilling moments; glimpses into the worlds of the bombers and the bombed, the tortured and the torturer."—The Guardian (London)

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