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The Birth of Modern Terrorism (03:17)


When Zionist Jews kill 91 people in a bomb attack of Jerusalem's King David Hotel, they become the first modern terrorists, creating a media event and capturing the world's attention.

King David Hotel (04:22)

In 1946, Zionist Jews target Jerusalem's King David Hotel because it is at the heart of British rule, and they are intent on making the world take notice of their plight.

Malaya's Chin Peng (07:49)

Other terrorists learn from the 1946 King David Hotel bombing. Malaya's communist leader Chin Peng orchestrates raids on British plantations, and the assassination of Sir Henry Gurney.

Terror Begets Terror (07:42)

Algerian Muslims target French oppressors, sending young women into Algiers with bombs in their handbags. Leader Yacef Saadi argues that to win against terror, one must commit terror.

Use of Torture (03:23)

In Algeria's fight for independence from the French, FLN activists are tortured and killed by the French military, who are given free reign to destroy the FLN organization any way they see fit.

Battle of Algiers (03:46)

The Battle of Algiers leads to Algerian independence because it causes torture, and torture leads to public condemnation of the French, which in turn motivates resistance.

Struggle Against Apartheid (03:50)

In South Africa, Nelson Mandela leads a campaign of limited violence against Apartheid oppressors. ANC bomber Robert McBride strikes at economic targets.

Apartheid and the ANC (05:29)

ANC bomber Robert McBride targets a seaside bar, in which innocent bystanders are killed. He argues that even though terrorism can be immoral, it can also be immoral not to use it.

The Brighton Bomber (05:07)

Since 1969, thousands have died in the Irish Republican Army's struggle. Brighton Bomber Patrick Magee believes that while sometimes necessary, terrorism alone cannot bring peace.

Lessons of Terrorism (02:44)

Some former "terrorists" later become statesmen. Others contend that terrorism is never the answer, and terrorism alone will never bring peace.

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This program analyzes terrorism used in the name of national liberation through studies of covert wars for independence in British Palestine, British Malaya, French Algeria, apartheid South Africa, and Northern Ireland. Bruce Hoffman, co-author of Countering the New Terrorism, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu offer their insights, while former Irgun commander Shraga Alis; former Malayan Communist Party leader Chin Peng; former FLN commander Yacef Saadi; Milk Bar Café bomber Zohra Drif; retired French military officers Paul Aussaresses and Pierre-Alban Thomas; former ANC bomber Robert McBride; and former IRA member Patrick Magee—the Brighton Bomber—reflect on the parts they played in terror and counter-terror actions. (47 minutes)

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