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Property of Men (02:11)


Second and third-world women suffer harrowing human rights abuses because they are women. Women are considered property of men, only transferring ownership from father to husband.

Unwanted Children (02:11)

Prostitution is the third largest trade in the world, and because birth control pills and abortions are not available to third world women they are confined to a life of incessant childbirth.

Female Deprivation (02:12)

In Bangladesh, female children are less desirable because they will not take care of their parents after they marry. Girls receive less food, less medication, and live confined to their home.

Female Infanticide (03:56)

Raising a daughter in India is expensive, the dowry alone consuming the family's entire assets. A family's inability to raise more than one daughter often results in female infanticide.

Prostitution (03:04)

20% of the world's prostitutes are forced into prostitution against their will and 10 million of the world's prostitutes are children. Violence is used to keep prostitutes enslaved.

Dowries (04:44)

Domestic violence often results from conflict over a woman's dowry. Third-world women are often killed by in-laws who are unhappy with their dowry, freeing their husbands to marry again.

Islamic Law (02:03)

In Pakistan, women are imprisoned in jails and insane asylums often for no reason. A third of women prisoners are rape victims arrested according to the Islamic "zina" law.

Taliban (01:34)

In Afghanistan, the Taliban uses violence against citizens who disobey their interpretation of Koranic law. Women cannot speak out against oppression until the Taliban regime ends.

Speaking Out (02:06)

Bangladesh feminist author, Taslima Nasreen, author of "Brides Are Not for Burning," speaks out against the oppression of women in the name of Islam and faces persecution as a result.

Black Shroud (02:51)

In Iran, Islamic teaching requires that women be totally covered by a "hijab" whenever they go out in public, symbolizing their repression and severe restrictions.

Hijab (03:37)

Some Iranian women embrace "hijab" feeling it encourages equal opportunity with men and removes emphasis on physical beauty. Uncovered women are considered open for abuse or attack.

Female Circumcision (05:00)

Practiced by Christians and Muslims alike, 6000 girls become victims of female circumcision daily. Removing the clitoris denies women sexual pleasure and causes difficulty in childbirth.

Fighting Infanticide (03:34)

Women in Tamil Nadu, India, band together to fight against female infanticide, successfully decreasing the practice and increasing the sense of solidarity among women in this community.

Improving the Future (00:52)

Women's rights now have more global priority but unless the patriarchal structure of many societies are chipped away there will be no lasting freedom for women.

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With dowries reaching fifty percent of a family’s income, a second daughter is often called "the girl born for the burial pit." This program assesses second- and third-world abuses of women’s rights by the male establishment—and examines how female collaboration sometimes contributes to their perpetuation. Feminist Taslima Nasreen; the author of Brides Are Not for Burning; and others speak out on topics such as dowry deaths, female circumcision, the Islamic zina law, the rigors of hijab, and child prostitution. But does the banding together of women against female infanticide in Tamil Nadu spell the beginning of a women’s solidarity movement and a new world order? Some content may be objectionable. (41 minutes)

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