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Special School for FAS Children (03:36)


Winnipeg's David Livingstone School is a public elementary school with two separate classrooms for children with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). FAS is brain damage affecting motor skills and learning.

Teaching Children With FAS (03:46)

FAS children are extra-sensitive to sights and sounds and have trouble concentrating. Visual stimuli and repetition help students learn. A relaxing, stress-free environment is important.

Teachers Praise FAS Schooling (04:36)

FAS children have trouble remembering consequences and are vulnerable to criminal influence. Teachers praise FAS schooling and feel the program should continue to high school level.

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Teaching Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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Children with fetal alcohol syndrome present their own special challenges to teachers—challenges that one school has met with wonderful results. This program travels to Winnipeg’s David Livingstone School, a public elementary school with two classrooms uniquely tailored for children with FAS. Teachers and occupational therapists demonstrate and discuss many of their innovative teaching techniques which help compensate for their students’ heightened sensitivity to light and sound.

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