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21st Century African Immigrants (03:40)


Five families from Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria came to America for education, a better living, or to escape intolerable political situations and civil war in their homeland. They now live in the Denver, Colorado, area.

African Culture vs. American Culture (07:55)

Cultural stress occurs within all five families since their two cultures differ in traditions, beliefs, and values. Some cultural differences include ideas about dating, raising children, discrimination, shopping, and the speed of speech and activity.

Immigrant Family's Coping Mechanisms (02:25)

The five African immigrant families rely on their religion, national language, African festivals, community activities, values, and education to help cope with their stresses. They try to adopt good aspects of both cultures into their lives.

African Immigrant Identity (04:45)

The two generations of immigrants' sense of self unfolds as they live and interact with others. The first generation sees itself more as African than American. Some of the children do not relate to American born black people.

African Immigrants: Future, Hopes, and Fears (09:29)

The African immigrants want their children and grandchildren to know their heritage and language. The parents are usually stricter than typical American parents. Some of the parents dream of one day returning to Africa when they retire.

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This program uses in-depth interviews with two generations of five African families now living in the Denver area to explore the dynamic process that is ethnic identity. Having emigrated from Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria, the families bring unique traditions to a shared experience: life in America. The interviews reveal the hopes of the first generation for the second, the thoughts and feelings of both parents and children on cultural transition, their sense of self as they live in America and interact with others, and their pride in adding to the rich national tapestry. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. (31 minutes)

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