Segments in this Video

Kashmiri Women Beaten by Police (02:14)


Indian police are accused of beating a group of Kashmiri protesters. A reporter confronts police about the beatings but gets no answers.

Police Torture a Kashmiri Couple (05:33)

Indian police release a Kashmiri woman who was arrested and tortured for her husband's alleged links to a pro-Pakistan political party. Her husband was also tortured and remains in police custody.

Kashmir's Hindus and Muslims (02:23)

Islamic militants supported by Pakistan fight India for control of Kashmir, a formerly independent kingdom ruled by Hindus. Most Hindus have left Kashmir and the predominantly Muslim population wants Kashmir to be independent again.

Random Violence in Kashmir (05:00)

More than 60,000 people have been killed during the conflict between India and Pakistan for control of Kashmir. Civilians are often victims of random acts of violence committed by militants and Indian security forces.

Gunfight at a Kashmiri Home (06:51)

Indian security forces kill high-ranking Islamic militants in a shootout at a private house. The civilian homeowners claim the Indian army had previously executed the militants and staged the gunfight as a cover-up.

Kashmiri Civilians in the Crossfire (05:02)

Kashmiri civilians are caught in the crossfire of fighting between Indian security forces and Pakistani militants. Civilians with loyalties to neither side are victimized by both sides.

Kashmiri Men Join Militant Groups (05:17)

Indian security forces kill Pakistani militants in a gunfight. Kashmiri men who joined the militants say it was a mistake to do so and cooperate with Indian authorities.

Despair in Kashmir's Mountain Villages (04:30)

The people in Kashmir's mountain villages live in despair and wish they could leave. Villagers fear Indian troops and Pakistani militants because both sides in the fight to control Kashmir victimize civilians.

Ceremony and Torture in Kashmir (05:33)

Indian security forces detain and torture four Kashmiri boys accused of aiding Pakistani militants. Government employees in Indian-controlled Kashmir are required to attend a ceremony celebrating Indian rule in Kashmir.

Human Rights Abuses in Kashmir (01:25)

Indian officials admit that their own security forces commit human rights abuses against the people of Kashmir. The brutal tactics of the security forces create a hatred of India among the Kashmiri people.

Kashmir Cries Out for Freedom (04:16)

A militant commander killed by Indian security forces is mourned and celebrated as a martyr. While nuclear powers India and Pakistan fight for control of Kashmir the Kashmiri people cry out for freedom.

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This program offers provocative perspectives on the fate of Kashmir and investigates the accusations of international human rights groups that Indian troops and police systematically kidnap, torture, and kill innocent civilians. Through firsthand accounts of the Indian troops and police as well as Pakistani militants immersed in the conflict, the documentary argues that the inhabitants of Kashmir are hapless victims of both sides. (50 minutes)

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