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Teen Parent Program: An Alternative High School (01:50)


Approximately 1 million teenage girls become pregnant every year in the United States. A teen parenting program provides for the needs of both mother and infant through daycare, medical advice, counseling and tutoring.

Teen Mothers: Facing Pregnancy (04:29)

Teen mothers discuss becoming pregnant at early ages and the impact their babies have on their lives, addressing issues such as breaking the news to parents and considering abortion or adoption options.

Teen Mothers and Multi-Racial Babies (03:43)

One teen mother deals with issues surrounding having a multi-racial baby and a second pregnancy resulting from inconsistent use of birth control pills.

Teen Couples Become Teen Parents (03:58)

Teens struggle to make their relationships work while adjusting to the responsibility of parenting. One teen couple deliberately decides to have a baby, believing that a baby will fill the gap in their lives.

Teen Mom: On Her Own (01:49)

Maryann is kicked out of her mother's home when she refuses to have an abortion. After discovering her baby's father had another girlfriend, this teen mother takes on the task of working, going to school, and caring for her baby entirely on her own.

How Teen Mothers Feel About Their Babies' Fathers (03:54)

Domestic violence, alcoholism, depression, and anorexia are all issues one teen deals with before finding out she is pregnant at 16. She and other teen mothers discuss their feelings about their babies' fathers, some who are now in jail.

Teen Fathers and Mothers Working to Support Babies (03:40)

A young father discusses his sense of commitment to his girlfriend and baby. When teen fathers are not financially responsible, teen mothers often turn to minimum wage jobs in order to support themselves and their babies.

Teen Relationships: After Baby is Born (04:08)

A teen couple discovers raising a baby and having a relationship is harder than they thought and now the baby is the only thing keeping them together. While one couple goes to prom together, another teen mom stays home with her baby.

Teen Mothers Reflect on Their Choices (02:08)

Teen mothers talk about how having a baby has challenged their lives and their relationships and the importance of teen parent programs. Teen mothers reflect on the impact of past choices and their consequences.

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Growing Up Fast

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In this engrossing documentary, filmmaker and author Joanna Lipper follows six teen mothers and several young fathers through their last months of high school. This film goes beyond explaining the difficulties of early parenthood to reveal the compassionate strength, resilience, self-awareness, and insight of these adolescents as they look back on past decisions with enhanced understanding of their consequences. Through their intimate stories, the program explores the emotions, relationships, and psychological forces that lead to teen pregnancy. Assumptions about teen mothers are challenged as the girls work at minimum wage jobs to support their families while simultaneously working to graduate from high school with the assistance of tutoring and day care. Recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as an outstanding short documentary. Additional information is located online at (31 minutes)

Length: 31 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-60825-328-9

Copyright date: ©2004

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Growing Up Fast provides a very candid look at teenage parents and their circumstances. Recommended for high school students and up.”—Educational Media Reviews Online

Recommended by The Boston Phoenix.

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