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Nietzsche: Nihilism and Death of God (04:52)


Nietzsche predicts the crisis of religious faith in the late 19th century. The death of God gives absolute freedom to humans. Nietzsche desires to be the moralist for the new post-God society.

Nietzsche's Early Life (05:14)

Young Nietzsche's father and brother die. He receives a religious education. He is both studious and solemn as a youngster. Nietzsche, insane, dies at age forty-four.

Nietzsche's Attack on Religion (05:27)

Nietzsche studies to become a priest, but abandons it. He separates objective truth from faith. He describes his work as “memorials to crises.” He finds comfort in the works of Schopenhauer.

Nietzsche: Miserable Invalid (05:42)

Art and music provide important, but brief, respite from life's misery. Richard Wagner becomes a surrogate father for Nietzsche. Nietzsche suffers from chronic illnesses.

New Philosophy: Individualism (04:40)

Nietzsche ceases to be a pessimist. He wills himself to good health and vitality through mastering his body. He publishes a book on individualism. He is aware of the controversial nature of his philosophy.

Love and Abandonment (04:54)

Nietzsche relates to the cool, clear climate of the Alps. He falls in love with a twenty-year old student. He lives as a free spirit in Italy. His lover deserts him.

Zarathustra and Overman (05:19)

Most of Zarathustra's qualities and adventures are modeled after Nietzsche. Nietzsche develops his “overman” ("Ubermensch") philosophy. Later, the Third Reich would espouse these ideas.

Nietzsche: Transvaluation of All Values (06:02)

Nietzsche sacrifices human contact for his own imagination. He lives an isolated life. He moves to Turin in 1888. He formulates a new system of values in a world where God is dead.

Nietzsche: Final Days (06:10)

In one of the last acts of lucidity, Nietzsche affirms his identity as a man, not a god. He spends his final eleven years in an insane asylum. His sister promotes his work as compatible with Nazism.

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Friedrich Nietzsche: Beyond Good and Evil

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The prescient seeds of thought disseminated by Friedrich Nietzsche in the 19th century prefigured the pivotal 20th-century concepts of existentialism and psychoanalysis. In this program, interviews with Nietzsche biographers Ronald Hayman and Leslie Chamberlain, archivist Dr. Andrea Bollinger, translator Reg Hollingdale, writer Will Self, and philosopher Keith Ansell Pearson probe Nietzsche’s life and elucidate his writings. In addition, his sister’s role in editing his works for use as Nazi propaganda is highlighted. Extracts of Nietzsche’s aphoristic prose, drawn from works such as The Parable of a Madman and Thus Spoke Zarathustra, aptly convey the essence of a supreme stylist and prophetic thinker. (50 minutes)

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