Titles in this Series

The Romantic Horizon

Item #: 1102

The Golden Land

Item #: 1103

Images of Glory

Item #: 1104

The Wild Riders

Item #: 1105

Play the Legend

Item #: 1106

Enduring Dreams

Item #: 1107

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The West of the Imagination

The Series Includes : The Romantic Horizon | The Golden Land | Images of Glory | The Wild Riders | Play the Legend | Enduring Dreams
DVD Price: $599.70
DVD + 3-Year Streaming Price: $899.55
3-Year Streaming Price: $599.70



The sweeping story of the American West as seen through the eyes of its mythmakers and mythologizers. Written by William H. Goetzmann, winner of a Pulitzer Prize in American History. Hosted and narrated by James Whitmore. 6-part series, 57 minutes each.

Item#: BVL1101

ISBN: 978-1-4213-0546-2

Reviews & Awards

Recommended by American History Illustrated and Booklist.

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