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Introduction to Religion and Euthanasia (02:21)


The debate over whether America should allow physician assisted suicide for the terminally has been waged for decades.

Consequences of Legalization (03:55)

Traditional Christian belief is opposed to euthanasia for several reasons. Money for treatment is a concern for families. Medical efficiency can override empathy.

Consistent Life Ethic (01:53)

Catholic teaching emphasizes the protection of life from birth to death. Dying with dignity can be accomplished without euthanasia.

International Views (02:22)

Dr. Jack Kevorkian has been an advocate for and has participated in doctor assisted suicide. Oregon is the only state in favor of euthanasia. The Catholic Church is opposed to legalization.

Compassionate Care (01:53)

Understanding should be offered to patients who are struggling with pain and considering doctor assisted death. Nazis attempted to garner physician support for euthanasia.

Who Should Decide? (02:50)

The issue of doctor-assisted suicide is a source of debate in medical schools. It is important for doctors to respect the faith of their patients. An argument is made against federal laws on euthanasia.

Suffering and End of Life Care (05:22)

Holistic support addresses personal issues around religion and quality of life. People with terminal diseases often feel like a burden. Hospice programs provide interdisciplinary care.

Jewish Belief (01:28)

The issue of euthanasia is of great concern for most organized religions. Hospice can control pain and provide compassion.

Euthanasia Debate (02:36)

Modern technology allows people to be kept alive by machines. Doctors are more honest with terminal patients than they have been in the past.

Right to Die (02:59)

Opponents of physician assisted suicide worry that vulnerable groups will suffer if euthanasia is legalized. A health care system that integrates religion could provide people with the basic necessities of a healthy life.

Credits: Religion and Euthanasia (00:24)

Credits: Religion and Euthanasia

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Religion and Euthanasia

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The highly controversial topic of euthanasia is examined in this program through the eyes of several medical and religious experts. Euthanasia as an acceptable practice is discussed within the context of current "right-to-die" cases, including the highly publicized assisted-suicide activities of Dr. Jack Kevorkian. We see how individual rights issues often overshadow legal arguments. Efforts currently under way by religious groups to block the practice are examined. Overall, the program represents an excellent starting point for discussions about what role religion and morality should play in the euthanasia debate. (29 minutes)

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