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Introduction to Religion and the Media (01:19)


Television avoids controversy and appeals to the masses while religion is highly personal. This program will examine the evolving partnership between television and religion.

Series Opener: Today's Life Choices (00:29)

Series Opener: Today's Life Choices

"Nothing Sacred" (02:36)

More than 2/3 of Americans are affiliated with a religion and most own a television. Portraying religion in the media can offend viewers. Angry letters and boycotts often follow.

Religious Themes and Characters (02:44)

Some think TV and religion together would be a potent force for good. Writers often choose Catholic characters because they are easily identified.

Anti-Religious Bias in Hollywood (01:50)

An unwritten production code once prohibited religious characters from being portrayed as villains or comic foils. Woodward thinks TV is incapable of portraying religion in a true to life way.

"Touched By an Angel" (01:59)

This program centers around a group of angels but focuses on moral dilemmas rather than organized religion. Many argue that it paved the way for religion in popular television programming.

Award Winning Religious Television (03:38)

"Nothing Sacred" tackled specific religious issues. It was canceled during the first season. Writers reflect on why the show was not successful.

Values Based Programming (02:32)

Most Americans think TV has become less moral and religious in the last five years. Television news organizations are beginning to understand the importance of religion to viewers.

Complicated Religious Issues (02:23)

ABC news anchor Peggy Wehyemer speculates about why electronic media has not figured out how to fit religion into programming.

"Religion & Ethics Newsweekly" (01:48)

Bob Abernathy's program presents a diverse look at American religions.

Televangelists (02:43)

Bishop Fulton Sheen, Billy Graham, and Pat Robertson use the power of television to reach large numbers of people.

Future of Religious Programming (03:40)

Media experts speculate about the place of religion and other serious topics in television.

Credits: Religion and the Media (00:22)

Credits: Religion and the Media

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Religion and the Media

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Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and others in recent years have made "televangelism" a household word. Shows with religious topics are on the increase, with television news and prime-time entertainment now including religious features in their lineups. This program examines this trend and its implications for American viewers and television program decision-makers. (29 minutes)

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