Technical Education

Why Bridges Collapse 53 min.

In 2018, Italy’s Morandi Bridge collapsed, killing 43 people. For 50 years, the iconic bridge had withstood the elements—and stress from ever-increasing traffic. NOVA investigates what went wrong and explores other bridge collapses across the United States. How can new engineering techniques make bridges safer and prevent such tragedies?

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R.E. Olds and the First Auto City 29 min.

This documentary tells the story of Ranson Eli Olds, known as R.E. Olds, and the city where automobiles were first mass-produced. A pioneer of the American automotive industry, both Oldsmobile and REO were named after R.E. Although folklore claims it was Henry Ford who created the auto manufacturing industry in Detroit, this documentary shows that R.E. Olds, in fact, did it first in Lansing. Using...

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Good Work: Masters of the Building Arts 66 min.

This documentary celebrates American craftsmanship and the unsung artisans (stone carvers, stained glass artisans, metalsmiths, plasterers, stone masons, decorative painters, and adobe workers) who create and preserve America's iconic buildings. The film documents the men and women working behind the scenes to bring enduring beauty to the built environment.

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Beyond Innovation: Episode 1 24 min.

The Internet-of-Things connects everything, nanotechnology heals damaged brains and a venture capitalist spots medical breakthroughs. Plus, Anthony and Michael speak with David Hanson, the pioneering roboticist behind some of the most realistic humanoid robots on the market. Hosted by venture capitalist Anthony Lacavera and technology journalist Michael Bancroft. Other featured guests include: Phi...

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Operation Bridge Rescue 53 min.

Follow the rebuilding of the 19th century Blenheim Covered Bridge. Watch craftsmen raise this engineering icon under grueling time pressure and witness traditional artisans in China restoring ancient covered bridges to ensure their survival.

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Counting Crop – Agriculture in Numbers 90 min.

Agriculture is one of the oldest yet most important forms of industry to ever come into existence. Even today, farmers count as a vital economic factor in a region. They shape the environment and due to global warming, must work under the most difficult climatic conditions to harvest their crops. This three-part film reveals hurdles faced by the agricultural industry and shows how the famers withs...

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Fruits of Home 31 min.

Today's farmers have little in common with the farmers of bygone times. While in the past one farmer fed four people, today it is more than 100. Computer-controlled combine harvesters, milking robots, and hybrid breeding are methods of modern agriculture that have led to increasing yields. The film shows how some of today's farmers are facing the price pressure of the market. Because of his milkin...

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The Path of Modernism 30 min.

More than 50% of consumers want agriculture to pay attention to climate change and environmental protection. With low food prices on the one hand and environmentally friendly production methods on the other, Europe's farmers are unsettled. Adding to this is the growing price pressure. How do farmers manage to meet today's requirements? Greenhouses make all the difference. Italians market the most...

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Tradition in Younger Hands 31 min.

More than 90% of the farms are family-owned and their succession is not always certain. In recent years, more than three million farmers have been forced to abandon their farms. Large corporations are taking over the work: 3% of the farms cover 53% of the area. The supply in supermarkets therefore remains large. Do we still need the small farmers? Examples from all over Europe show that the farmer...

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Color Management 19 min.

With everything now set to record, Ollie Kenchington focuses on how simple color and contrast management in production can maximize the quality of your digital negative. From using probes to ensure camera monitors are calibrated, to using charts to ensure white balance and contrast are consistent across all cameras, Kenchington shows us his top tips for in-camera color management.

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