New! The Awake and Walking ICU 41 min.

Propofol and Ativan are a nurses best friend, right? WRONG. In this podcast, Kali Dayton, RN, challenges us to rethink delirium in a way that not only produces better patient outcomes but substantially decrease the nurses workload in the long run. The program differentiates among types of delirium and considers specific actions nurses can take to help their patients who are experiencing delirium.

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New! Cardiac Arrest 45 min.

We all know BLS and even ACLS like the back of our hands so now it’s time to understand *why*. Why are VF and VT under the arrest algorithms? Why epi? Why are survival rates so low, even in the hospital? In this podcast with nurse Annie Fulton, former paramedic and current BLS and ACLS instructor, Al Gook, answers some basic, yet honest questions we all have about cardiac arrest and what we can...

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New! Hyponatremia 47 min.

In this podcast with nurse Annie Fulton, Dr. Joel Topf reviews what nurses should know about hyponatremia. He explains the types of hyponatremia, their causes, and their treatments.

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New! NephMadness PodCrawl: Blood Pressure and Dialysis 48 min.

Managing blood pressure for dialysis patient can be complicated. In this podcast with nurse Annie Fulton, nephrologists Dr. Daniel Weiner and Dr. Bourne Auguste address intradialytic hypertension and hypotension while giving a huge shout out to the dark horse of nephrology: peritoneal dialysis. They discuss blood pressure medications prior to dialysis, intradialytic hypertension, and intradialytic...

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New! Vasopressors 40 min.

In this podcast, Tina Vinsant, RN, host of the podcast Good Nurse Bad Nurse, joins nurse Annie Fulton for a run through of all the major vasoactive agents given in the hospital. Minimizing the jargon and maximizing practical cases, the podcast goes through phenylephrine, norepinephrin, epinephrine, dopamine, dobutamine, milrinone, vasopressin, and midodrine.

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History of Nursing 77 min.

This 3-volume series looks at the history of nursing from its origins to its development over time, and looks at the future of the profession.

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Nursing: Into the Future 20 min.

As nurses continue to expand their role in the delivery of healthcare in many settings and as the population increases, the shortage of nurses will continue to be a challenge. Nurses in the future will expand their reach by obtaining advanced academic degrees, becoming technologically proficient, and acquiring specialized knowledge. This program discusses the future of nursing, nursing shortages,...

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Nurse-Led Rapid Responses 40 min.

In this podcast, nurses Jami Fregeau and Anne Fulton walk through rapid responses that nurses can (for the most part) manage independently. They discuss equipment malfunctions and how to be prepared for when it happens to your patient.

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History of Nursing: Development of Nursing in the United States 30 min.

Development of healthcare, hospitals and nursing in the United States from colonial times, through the American Revolution, the Civil War, industrialization, the two World Wars to the current state of being a most respected profession. Milestones are presented through the lives of key individuals including: Florence Nightingale, Dorthea Dix, Clara Barton, Linda Richards, Mary Eliza Mahoney, Lillia...

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Acute Pain Management 55 min.

From post-operative to acute illness, managing pain in the hospital is both an art and a science. In this podcase, lead advanced practitioner on an Acute Pain Team, Jason Low, RN, NP discusses important clinical concepts such as the multi modal approach, acute on chronic pain, and some cultural considerations when discussing pain management with our patients.

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