Hospitality & Tourism

Too Much Tourism: The Lake District 50 min.

Looking at tourism in England's The Lake District, this program examines how to balance the needs of tourism with preserving the natural environment that the tourists are coming to see.

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Hotel Manager—Career Q&A: Professional Advice and Insight 20 min.

What is it like to be ahotel general manager? In this Career Q&A video interview, Scott Dialtalks about his career path, what he does on the job, and the keys to success in the field of hotel management. He also offers candid advice on breaking into the profession as well as insight into the industry’s biggest challenges and how the field may change in the next ten years.

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Egypt: Tourism in Turmoil 30 min.

This program examines how tourism has been vital to the Egyptian economy for decades. It considers how the revolution of 2011 and the political and social upheavals that followed have adversely affected tourism.

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Employability in Travel and Tourism 26 min.

The travel and tourism industry is a major employer both in the UK and abroad. There are many career options and pathways available. This film looks at employment and employability within the industry. Drawing on the expertise of five interviewees from different professions and organizations, as well as street interviews, it explores career opportunities in the industry, the human resources functi...

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Impacts of Travel and Tourism 27 min.

The tourism industry impacts heavily on local areas and communities in a number of key ways. Economically, both domestic and international tourism can bring many benefits, although in some cases when you scratch the surface, it can also serve to deprive a local community of economic gain. Tourism also has sociocultural and environmental impacts, which can be destructive to local areas. This film p...

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Journeys and Destinations 18 min.

Where people go and how they get there is determined by many factors. People undertake journeys to a multitude of different destinations are undertaken for many reasons, including travel and tourism, work and visiting friends and relatives. This film examines the fundamental aspects of journeys and destinations, including: why we travel, transport choices, destinations, visitor needs and new and e...

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Technology in Travel and Tourism 27 min.

As in any industry, technology has made a significant difference to the approach and behaviour of both customers and providers of travel and tourism products and services. This film is aimed at students of Travel and Tourism at FE level, and explores various ways in which technology has changed, and continues to change, this important industry, which is a critical contributor to the UK economy. It...

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Travel And Tourism Basics 18 min.

A thriving travel and tourism industry supports employment in many different sectors and significantly contributes to local, regional and national economies. This film is an excellent introduction to the travel and tourism industry. It provides an overview of the industry in the UK. A number of different interviewees working within the industry in broad-ranging roles share insights into areas incl...

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Travel and Tourism Business Environments 34 min.

Many factors make up the environment in which businesses and industry operate. This film explores a range of these factors applying to the travel and tourism industry. A range of interviewees from business, industry peak bodies, and universities provide a comprehensive and informative overview of the types of business ownership, business functions, external pressures and industry reports, business...

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The UK As A Destination 28 min.

Travel and tourism is a vital industry to the UK. Each year millions of domestic and international visitors visit a wide range of destinations within the country. Visit Britain is the national tourism agency, which is responsible for promoting the country to both international and domestic visitors—be it for leisure or business. According to the organization, the UK is the sixth most visited place...

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