New! Father of the Flying Car 94 min.

Dr. Paul Moller, an esteemed inventor, fights against the odds to complete his life's work: a flying car.

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The Lithium-ion Story 59 min.

Digitization, e-mobility and the energy change are hardly conceivable today without this technology. From smartphones to e-cars - the lithium-ion battery is found in almost every battery-powered device. The technology is particularly established and in demand in one very specific place: the warehouse. We introduce the hidden champion of e-mobility: intralogistics. For more than a decade, lithium-i...

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UHPC Concrete 5 min.

There's a dire need to repair aging infrastructure in the U.S., and an innovative building material could be a game changer. Embedded with steel fibers, ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) is about 5 to 10 times stronger than standard concrete -- and unaffordable for most government-funded projects. In this NewsHour segment, special correspondent Cat Wise looks at the use of UHPC and how resear...

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High-Risk High-Rise 54 min.

Every year, hundreds of new skyscrapers are built around the globe. As nations vie for prestige, these shimmering towers are rising higher and higher. But for all their impressive engineering, are these buildings safe? Can we be sure how they will hold up in earthquakes, fires, and other potential disasters? What have—or haven’t—we learned from past tragedies?

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New to Our Collection! Episode 3: Aviation (The Tech Effect) 25 min.

In this episode we examine advances in aviation that include flying cars being developed by Slovakian and Japanese companies. Ride share companies are also considering aerial options, with Uber among those working on autonomous urban aircraft that will fly over congested roads to landing points in the centre of cities. As the skies of the future will be teeming with flying vehicles, suitable air t...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2021

The Secret Science of Sewage 59 min.

Dr George McGavin and Dr Zoe Laughlin explore one of the UK’s biggest sewage works, a hidden world we rarely get to see. Processing one billion litres of wastewater a day – including what 1.7 million people flush down the loo – the program reveals the mind-boggling science behind how sewage is treated and what it tells us about how we live today. McGavin and Laughlin also discover a radical revolu...

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NOVA: Great Electric Airplane Race 53 min.

Electric cars seem increasingly likely to replace our gas-guzzling vehicles. Could a new generation of emission-free electric planes do the same to the polluting airliners in our skies--a major step in the fight against climate change? NOVA looks at an array of new electric planes and takes a ride in some prototypes. Will the dream of super-quiet, super-efficient airliners become a reality?

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Building Greener Cities (Catalyst) 55 min.

Cities are one of mankind's greatest inventions, they bring us together and drive wealth; but as more people flock to live and work in cities, we need to find ways to make them greener, more sustainable, and more efficient places to live. In this program, physicist Dr. Niraj Lal explores some of the engineering solutions driving change. He visits the construction site of the largest public tran...

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How to Make 174 min.

Material Scientist Zoe Laughlin takes us on a joyous journey of wonder and revelation as she challenges herself to make her version of some the most iconic and best-loved everyday items that we all use. Working at the interface of science, art and product design, each episode Zoe focuses on a specific domestic item to build, Trainers, Toothpaste and Brush, and Headphones. Zoe first dissects, layer...

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How to Make Headphones 59 min.

In this episode, Zoe explores an item that is extraordinarily intimate and transports us to other worlds – Headphones. With 12 pairs sold globally every second, Zoe is on a mission to build her own, unique pair. In search of inspiration she heads to Hull University to discover an exciting new substance that can turn any surface into a speaker – from a wall to a table and even the bone of your skul...

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