Don't Bring Extinct Creatures Back to Life: A Debate 95 min.

De-extinction describes the process of creating an organism that belongs to or closely resembles an extinct species. While this process was once a science-fiction fantasy explored in films like Jurassic Park, recent biological and technological breakthroughs suggest that reviving extinct creatures, like the passenger pigeon and the woolly mammoth, could soon become a reality. The benefits of de-ex...

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Grow 55 min.

This is the story of incredible growth; from a single cell to an extraordinary walking, talking, being made up of 37 trillion cells. It looks towards the future, where we might push the boundaries of what a human lifetime can be.

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2018

Learn 55 min.

Explore the surprising ways your brain and body adapt to your environment throughout your life. See how your experiences can not only change your brain, but also your body, and even your genetic blueprint.

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Survive 55 min.

Discover the everyday miracles within your body that keep you alive, and the extraordinary lengths your body goes through to keep it working every second of every day: fighting infection, repairing damage and keeping you safe from danger.

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Coding Life 47 min.

‘Bio is the New Digital’. We are capable of precisely reprogramming the genetic code of our body’s cells, embryos, bacteria, viruses and plants. With the CRISPR-technology we can alter the characteristics of every organism to our own design. In doing so we will be able to eradicate diseases, improve the condition of our bodies and alter plants to meet the specific needs of our food consumption. Wh...

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Are You What Your Mother Ate? The Agouti Mouse Study 15 min.

Jirtle and Waterland’s Agouti Mouse research has been called one of the most important study’s of the 21st century. It is hugely significant for our understanding of both the epigenetic mechanisms that change gene expression and the relationship between Nature and Nurture in psychology and sociology. The film combines original interview and laboratory footage of Professor Jirtle to both tell the s...

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New to Our Collection! Microbiome 23 min.

You have probably heard the expression "you are what you eat." Thereis a lot more truth to that than you might think. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta examines our gut and the 100 trillion microbes that live in and on us, making up the microbiome.

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New to Our Collection! Stem Cells 23 min.

From spinal cord injuries to autism, our own cells could shape medicine’s next frontier. Dr. Sanjay Gupta explores the experimental yet encouraging world of stem cells.

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Bees 11 min.

The next time you see a bee buzzing around, you might pause to think that around a third of the food we eat is thanks to their efficient and crucial act of pollination. Bees transfer pollen between plants to allow fertilization. Through interviews with beekeepers in Vietnam and London, this video explores solutions to challenges posed by climate change.

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Inspirations: Wild Discoveries 41 min.

Meet the scientists pushing the boundaries of exploration and discovering new animal species—in the jungle, in the sea, and in the past! From the depths of the Mariana Trench to the cloud forests of Ecuador and the fossil remains buried beneath our feet, we get a guided tour through the new discoveries of recent times. Recorded in front of an audience of young people at the McLaren Thought Leaders...

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