Biotech: The World of Microorganisms 41 min.

Developing new medicines, breeding better plant varieties, making cleaning supplies more efficient – biotechnology uses natural cellular and bimolecular processes to develop new technologies or improve existing products. In this film, we look at some of the most promising products being developed now and explore some of the potential dangers. The biotech industry can be divided into three main sec...

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Species Invasion 40 min.

The racoon, the Asian tiger mosquito, or hogweed: all imported animal and plant species, but that are now fighting with our own native species for the same breeding and feeding grounds. Some are able to completely dominate and alter an entire ecosystem, causing devastating economic damage and even threatening our health – at least that’s what we hear most in the headlines. But what in fact does ou...

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Animal Espionage 54 min.

How do you study an animal you can't even get close to? Camera and drone technologies are allowing scientists to watch animals more closely than ever before, without disturbing them. Capturing everything from the unexpected to the comical, these technologies are giving wildlife managers insights that could ultimately help them fight extinction and habitat loss.

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Decoding Watson 85 min.

Thrust into the limelight for discovering the secret of life at age 25 with Francis Crick, influential Nobel Prize-winning scientist James Watson has thrived on making headlines ever since. His discovery of DNA's structure, the double helix, revolutionized human understanding of how life works. He was a relentless and sometimes ruthless visionary who led the Human Genome project and turned Harvard...

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Parenting Is Overrated 83 min.

What shapes us more: our DNA, or the way we are raised? This debate, commonly referred to as "nature versus nurture," has stirred controversy for thousands of years. Emerging genetic research indicates that the scale may be tipping toward biology, or "nature"—but the research is far from definitive. Proponents of the "nature" view argue that DNA plays the key role in determining who we are, as evi...

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Patterned Planet 55 min.

From space, earth’s surface is covered in weird and wonderful shapes. Wombats design their own landscape in Australia and hundreds of forest elephants create a tear in the endless green of the Congo forest canopy.

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Episode 6: Heat and the Human Body 35 min.

In this episode, we look at the brilliant systems within our bodies that allow us to maintain a more-or-less constant body temperature regardless of the weather conditions. Sweating, shivering, pumping more blood to some parts of our bodies than to other parts, curling up into a ball, and spreading out your arms and legs all play their part at keeping our bodies at the right temperature! But what...

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The Great White Shift: Ancient Predator, New Perspectives 56 min.

In this program, biologists, shark scientists, and expert divers reveal a pivotal moment in our understanding of the great white shark. Using the most sophisticated technologies, including camera equipment attached to the sharks’ fins, the program aims to answer questions like how a straight line mid-ocean intercontinental migration is possible, why do “shark walkabouts” happen, and why have we ne...

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Beyond Innovation: Episode 14 24 min.

Researchers send smells over the Internet, a startup brings the eBay model to the trucking industry and a flying car comes closer to becoming a reality. Plus, famous geneticist George Church explains why he’s willing to pay you to sequence your genome. Hosted by venture capitalist Anthony Lacavera and technology journalist Michael Bancroft. Other featured guests include: Jonathan Salama, Co-Founde...

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The Egg: Life's Perfect Invention 54 min.

The egg is perhaps nature’s most perfect life support system. Step by step as the egg hatches, host David Attenborough reveals the wonder behind these incredible miracles of nature.

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