Secret Mind of Slime 53 min.

Who says you need brains to be smart? Extremely primitive life-forms called slime molds can navigate mazes, choose between foods, and create efficient networks—no brain required. New research on these organisms, which are neither plant nor animal, could help reveal the fundamental rules underlying all decision making.

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The Gene: An Intimate History - Part One 114 min.

The Gene: An Intimate History interweaves the story of the thrilling revolution in modern genetic science with powerful stories from the frontlines of medicine, featuring patients suffering from rare genetic diseases and the leading researchers racing to identify and treat, even cure, the errors in their DNA that afflict them.

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The Gene: An Intimate History - Part Two 115 min.

The second part of the four-hour series The Gene: An Intimate History begins with the story of the signature scientific achievement of our time: the mapping of the human genome. As scientists learn to read the genetic code, they grapple with the dangers inherent in increasingly sophisticated and easily available methods of intervening in the very essence of what makes us human, our DNA.

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Ken Burns Presents - The Gene: An Intimate History 240 min.

Scientific genetics holds at once the promise of eradicating disease and the threat of altering the very essence of what it means to be human. The Gene: An Intimate History traces the dizzying evolution of this new science as researchers race to identify treatments for genetic diseases, such as cancer and sickle cell anemia, and to perfect tools for rewriting DNA.

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Mysteries of Sleep 54 min.

Virtually every animal sleeps. But why? Why do we need to spend nearly a third of our lives in such a defenseless state? Scientists are peering more deeply into the sleeping brain than ever before, discovering just how powerful sleep can be, playing a role in everything from memory retention and emotional regulation to removing waste from our brains. So why are we getting so little of it?

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The Truth About Fat 54 min.

Do we control our fat, or does it control us? Scientists are coming to understand fat as a fascinating and dynamic organ, one whose size has more to do with biological processes than personal choices. Through real-life stories of hunter-gatherers, sumo wrestlers, and supermodels, explore the complex functions of fat and the role it plays in controlling hunger, hormones, and even reproduction.

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Epigenetics: Decoding Life 45 min.

Exciting new discoveries in the field of epigenetics prove that our lifestyle and environment can turn off and on many of the genes that control our health and wellbeing. Where we live, what we eat, pollution, and stress can all impact which genes are silenced and which are expressed throughout our lives. Additionally, epigenetic changes can be passed down to future generations: your father’s smok...

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Insectageddon 29 min.

Recall when insects used to go splat on your windscreen during a country drive? It’s rarer these days. Now European scientists have confirmed what many suspected: insect numbers are dropping like flies. Eric Campbell reports.

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When Whales Walked: Journeys in Deep Time 114 min.

Join top scientists on a global adventure to uncover the amazing origin stories of intriguing animals, from crocodiles and birds to whales and elephants. When Whales Walked changes what we think about the evolution of iconic beasts.

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Mission Wolf: Experiment in Living 45 min.

MissionWolf: Experiment in Living is the story of rescued wolves on wild lands in Colorado and the volunteers who keep them alive.The stunningly beautiful hills near the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is the home of the wolf refuge by the name of Mission: Wolf. It is an odd place—off the grid, snowed induring the winter, run by an often-changing group of young people who strive to have a small footpri...

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