Music & Dance

New! Keeper of the Beat: A Woman's Journey into the Heart of Drumming 57 min.

This is an award-winning documentary on the life and music of Barbara Borden, an acclaimed and pioneering drummer, composer and teacher. It tells her inspiring life-story in eloquent words and toe-tapping music.Keeper of the Beatweaves footage fromShe Dares to Drum,Borden’s autobiographical “percussion play” and other dynamic performances from the last four decades with interviews with noted artis...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2017

Masters of Rhythm 28 min.

This half-hour documentary, shot in Peru, stars three of the world's finest percussionists: Lalo Izquierdo, Cotito and Huevito. As they play the cajón drum, sing, dance, and talk, we learn about the rich culture of Afro-Peruvians.

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2017

Dancetime! 500 Years of Social Dance 1 46 min.

This video looks at four centuries of Western social dance history. Authentic re-creations of the dances teach the viewer about socializing and romance in past times. Dancers in period costume introduce historical context and explore how many social dance styles migrated from Europe to America, such as Italian Renaissance formalism, French Baroque classicism, and 19th century Romanticism. The vide...

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2017

Alison Balsom 44 min.

The British Library collection over one hundred and fifty million items—everything from medieval chronicles to live jazz recordings, the Bronte’s manuscripts to Beethoven’s tuning fork. Now six of its greatest Treasures will be explored by the acclaimed trumpet soloist Alison Balsom. Alison has chosen six aspects of her life and work to explore—everything from the music that drives her life and ca...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2016

Jamie Cullum 44 min.

The British Library—the greatest repository of our culture, history and society. In its archives are everything from stunningly beautiful handwritten Korans to Captain Scott’s diary; Karl Marx’s letters and Sir John Gielgud’s scrapbooks. Now six of these Treasures will be chosen and uncovered by the acclaimed jazz musician Jamie Cullum. Drawing on his own passions, and aided by the expert British...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2016

Julia Donaldson 45 min.

The British Library is the greatest storehouse of our history and culture. On its shelves are British works ranging from the thousand year old Beowulf to handwritten drafts of James Bond. Now Julia Donaldson has been given the chance of a lifetime, to explore six great Treasures of the British Library. Julia is the one of the UK’s best loved and bestselling authors, creator of The Gruffalo, Zog, S...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2016

Robert Winston 45 min.

In this film the leading scientist, medical doctor and broadcaster Professor Robert Winston explores six incredible Treasures of the British Library. He is helped and guided by the Library’s expert curators, discovering amazing facts and quirky details about each book, manuscript or object. Above all he and we enjoy the privilege of spending time with a truly unique and historic document or object...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2016

Can A Computer Write A Hit Musical? 90 min.

This bold experiment to try to get computers to write a hit musical has a big question at its heart: can human creativity be coded? There’s genuine jeopardy, as the computer boffins hand over the material to a professional cast of actors and musicians. Will the world’s first computer-generated show be a hit or a flop when it opens on the West End stage?

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2016

Can A Computer Write A Hit Musical?: Episode 2 45 min.

The experiment to stage the first ever computer-generated hit musical in London’s West End steps up a gear, as a cast and creative team come on board to rehearse the new musical - ‘Beyond the Fence’. Will the music and lyrics generated by computer be fit for the West End Stage? Will an audience of musical theatre diehards at a secret workshop for the show, who have no idea of the show’s computer o...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2016

David Holt's State of Music 55 min.

Grammy Award winning performer David Holt has spent his life learning and performing traditional American music. It has taken him from the most remote coves of southern Appalachia to the bright lights of TV studios, and the Grand Old Opry stage. In this show, David introduces viewers to modern masters of traditional music in the southern mountains and remembers the legends who taught him.

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2016