New! Talking Black in America 142 min.

This documentary series explores the most controversial and misunderstood language variety in the United States: African American Language (AAL). With the perspectives of everyday people and the guidance of?historians, linguists, and educators, the series showcases the history of the language, the symbolic role it plays in the lives of African Americans, and the tremendous impact on the language a...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2022

A Choice of Weapons: Inspired by Gordon Parks 89 min.

For decades, trailblazing photographer Gordon Parks brought the human struggle of the Black community out of the shadows and onto the pages of LIFE magazine. This documentary explores Parks' enduring legacy through the lens of three contemporary photographers, and spotlights his visionary work and its impact on the next generation of artists.

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2021

Citizen Hearst 240 min.

Explore the life of William Randolph Hearst, the pioneering media mogul and inspiration for Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane. Hearst died in 1951 at the age of 88, having transformed the media’s role in American life and politics. The two-part, four-hour film is based on historian David Nasaw’s critically acclaimed biography, The Chief.

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2021

Citizen Hearst: Part 1 111 min.

After taking control of the San Francisco Examiner in 1887, William Randolph Hearst was eager to try his luck in New York. Hearst bought the failing Journal in 1895 and turned it into a sensation. He earned the loyalty of the city’s population of newly arrived immigrants by railing against monopolistic businesses and championing the working class, using the medium to increase his influence.

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Citizen Hearst: Part 2 113 min.

Hearst began producing newsreels and serialized dramas, and he reigned over Hollywood society. One of his films starred a young actress named Marion Davies, and Hearst was instantly smitten. In the 1930s as the Depression devastated the country, Hearst’s politics evolved, and he became out of touch with readers. Circulation numbers dropped and Hearst found himself $78 million in debt.

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2021

Pandora Papers 54 min.

A huge leak reveals hidden assets and deals of the wealthy and powerful. FRONTLINE and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists examine secret finance overseas and in the U.S. Also, with Retro Report, explore the legacy of a 1981 massacre in El Salvador.

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2021

WBCN and The American Revolution 118 min.

The amazing untold story of the radical underground radio station WBCN-FM set against the profound social, political and cultural changes of the late-1960s and early-70s, using the actual sights, sounds and stories of those who connected through the station, exploding music and countercultural scenes, militant anti-war and civil rights protests and emerging women’s and LGBTQ-liberation movements.

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2021

Cancel Culture Is Toxic: A Debate 65 min.

"Cancel Culture"—the effort to ostracize someone for comments or actions deemed offensive—has grown more pervasive in recent years. With the rise of Twitter and other social media platforms, people can quickly publicize such comments or actions and urge others to shun, or "cancel," them. Canceling can have serious repercussions, resulting in the loss of cultural cache, political clout, and even a...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2021

The New York Times Has Lost Its Way 65 min.

What's happening at the New York Times? Founded in 1851, the newspaper has long been one of the most respected sources of news in the United States. But the "paper of record" has recently come under fire, with critics arguing it has sacrificed journalistic and intellectual balance in favor of correcting historic inequalities. In the process, they contend, this effort has stifled dissent and promot...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2021

Alice Guy, Pioneer of the 7th art - Forgotten by History 53 min.

Who knows Alice Guy? This Frenchwoman was born in 1873 and she is nothing less than the first female director! The one who thought, imagined and felt that cinema would become an art and the best way to tell stories. With nearly a thousand films, the most abundant career of her time which she was the only one to carry out on both sides of the Atlantic, this pioneer was literally wiped out by fil...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2021