AP African American Studies 6 min.

The school year is coming to a close and with it, the first year of Advanced Placement African American studies, an interdisciplinary class by the College Board that has attracted praise from professors and also fierce opposition from some Republican politicians. Laura Barrón-López spoke with educators, students and experts to understand the potential and the politics behind the course.

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Should Certain Books Ever Be Banned in School?: A Debate 50 min.

In Florida, lawmakers recently passed measures enabling public schools to restrict student access to certain books and limit discussions of gender, sexuality, and race in the classroom. In Texas, school administrators blocked access to more than 800 books in 22 districts over questions about whether they are “developmentally appropriate for student use.” Pennsylvania and Tennessee have undertaken...

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The Busing Battleground 114 min.

On September 12, 1974, police were stationed outside Boston schools as Black and white students were bused for the first time to comply with a federal court desegregation order. Shocking violence, directed mostly at children, ensued. The Busing Battleground illuminates the volatile effort to end school segregation, and the decades-long struggle for educational equity that preceded the crisis.

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School Discipline 7 min.

School administrators and teachers are concerned about ongoing problems with student conduct that are disruptive and difficult to deal with. Several states are beginning to propose big changes about how to handle it. In this NewsHour program we hear from teachers across the country about their experiences and the proposals and criticism around them.

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Baltimore Learning Loss 7 min.

It's been more than a year since most American schoolchildren returned to the classroom full-time. Now, school districts are working to recover learning lost while kids were at home during the pandemic. Researchers say students in high-poverty areas lost the most. Geoff Bennett reports on a school in Baltimore where mental health and small group learning are at the center of its approach.

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ChatGPT 7 min.

Earlier this month, New York City public schools blocked access to the popular artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT. Educators are concerned that students could use this technology to write papers – the tool wasn't even a month old when a college professor in South Carolina caught a student using it to write an essay in philosophy class. Darren Hick of Furman University joins John Yang to discuss.

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New to Our Collection! Episode 1: Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan (Never Out of Reach) 48 min.

High up in the mountains of Gilgit, Pakistan, a former military officer and his wife have started a unique school to educate the children of this isolated valley.

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New to Our Collection! Episode 2: Yunnan, China (Never Out of Reach) 48 min.

Hours away from Lijiang in the Ninglang Yi Autonomous County of Yunnan, 22-year-old Regina Xi gets an eye-opening experience in her volunteer stint at the Yi ethnic minority Xichuan Central School.

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New to Our Collection! Episode 3: Surin, Thailand (Never Out of Reach) 48 min.

On the southernmost point of Surin Province, Thailand’s Border Patrol Police have built a school not just for Thai citizens but Cambodians who cross their borders regularly.

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New to Our Collection! Episode 4: Telangana, India (Never Out of Reach) 47 min.

Deep within Telangana’s Reserved Forest, a passionate 25-year-old and his friends have created a school to provide education to one of India’s forgotten tribes, the Gutti Koya tribe.

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