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New! Swipe Left: Dating Apps Have Killed Romance: A Debate 105 min.

Every day, more and more people are turning to dating apps to find love. More than 49 million Americans—almost one out of six—have given digital dating a try. But are dating apps really designed to promote long-lasting romance? Apps like Tinder and Bumble make finding a date as easy as swiping right, while digital platforms like and OkCupid use specialized algorithms to help users find t...

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European Inventor Award, 2017 100 min.

Established in 2006, European Inventor Award is presented each year by the European Patent Office to 15 individuals and teams whose groundbreaking inventions give answers to the challenges of our time and thus contribute to social progress, economic growth and prosperity. This series introduces the inventions of the 15 winners in 2017.

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Cracking the Code 43 min.

Four Corners explores the world of Facebook and how your data is being mined to drive the huge success of the social media giant. Reporter Peter Greste examines the Facebook business model and shows why your private life is making the company billions.The program investigates how Facebook has the ability to track much of your browsing history, even when you're not logged on, and even if you aren't...

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Space Invaders 30 min.

A new space race is on, as tech companies rush to launch thousands of tiny satellites that will tell us more about what’s happening on our planet than ever before. But will the information be used for good, or for harm?

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Debating the Constitution: Technology and Privacy: A Debate 92 min.

Do you have a secret that no one else knows? What about Apple, Google, Facebook, Verizon, or Uber? Are you sure they don't know your secret? Digital data—emails, text messages, phone records, location markers, web searches—contain traces of almost every secret. They also contain traces of almost every crime. Tech companies may promise to protect people's data from prying eyes, but should that prom...

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Video Games Will Make Us Smarter: A Debate 96 min.

Do video games make players smarter? As these games grow in popularity, some game creators are tackling global issues, such as poverty, climate change, and international diplomacy. Playing these socially and politically oriented games, they argue, allows users to build tangible skills in handling crises and solving critical problems. But others see the multibillion-dollar gaming industry, dominate...

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The Future of Energy 28 min.

In this program, Hazel Henderson and NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell review all the issues around the increasing global shift from polluting fossil fuels and their effect on climate to economies. They discuss today’s harvesting of solar, wind, geothermal, hydro and oceans, as well as the cost savings from more efficient buildings, batteries electric vehicles and charging stations, smarter cit...

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The Future Of Investing: Impact and Innovation 28 min.

In this program Hazel Henderson explores with Teresa Radzinski, MBA, Managing Director, U. S.Trust-Bank of America Private Wealth Management, their special portfolios designed for ethical, responsible investors. These portfolio’s are geared to meet the values of investors who are concerned with social, environmental and governance issues, including gender equity, diversity, climate change and carb...

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The Future of the Internet 31 min.

In this program, Hazel Henderson and NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell explore all the current issues swirling around the Internet, now the de facto "infostructure" undergriding our global ecnomy-just as rails and roads were the infrastructure of previous centuries. They discuss key questions, now that the Internet hosts businesses, finance, social media, news and "fake newes "empowering indivi...

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The Crowd & The Cloud 240 min.

Smartphones, computers and mobile technology are allowing people to become part of a revolutionary, 21st century way of doing science. By observing their environment, monitoring neighborhoods, and collecting information about the world around them, citizens are helping professional scientists advance knowledge while speeding up new discoveries and innovations. The results are improving health and...

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