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The Siege of Puebla, Tragedy and Heroism 45 min.

This program tells the story as the Siege of Puebla - between March and May 1863, the city of Puebla was under siege for 62 days and nights, which featured barricades in the streets and fighting spilling over into local residences.In Spanish.

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May 5th: Glory of Mexico 51 min.

This program tells the story of Cinco de Mayo - in particular the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862 - which marks a turning point in the resistance against French occupation, a resounding win by the Mexican army led by Ignacio Zaragoza. Coming after Mexico's civil war, the struggle against the French invasion helped develop a sense of national unity and pride that is celebrated today.In Spanish.

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Education, Education: What Does an Education Get You?—Why Poverty? 66 min.

When the Chinese government privatized universities in 1997 education became a commodity, with some institutions charging the equivalent of 60 years of income in exchange for a college degree. And while many saw the steep cost as a good investment, the system now produces more than 2 million graduates every year who join the “ant tribe”—a battalion of recent grads unable to find work. This program...

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The Conquest 176 min.

This four-part series focuses exclusively on the Conquest of Mexico, one of the most monumental events in Mexican history, and details the encounter between Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortez and Aztec emperor Moctezuma, which was no only a clash of men, but a clash of civilizations. (In Spanish)

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The Conquest of Mexico, A New Gaze: The Conquest—Part 4 44 min.

From the colonial hispanism, to the most adverse expressions of the indigenismo (value of the indigenous identity) in the 19th and 20th centuries, the Conquest of Mexico and its protagonists have been valuated differently through time. In this final chapter of the series, we make a journey through these expressions, appreciating the legacy left through the centuries and the symbolisms that were wr...

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Culture in the 1910 Revolution: The Mexican Revolution—Part 5 43 min.

This program presents a look at Mexico's culture during the Revolution, where the labor exerted by intellectuals and artists in the midst of the country's destruction from 1910 to 1920 left its imprint.In Spanish.

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The Drama and its Main Characters: The Conquest—Part 1 44 min.

This program, part of a series presented by Televisa and produced here by Independent Production Fund, begins the story of the Spanish conquest of Mexico with its main protagonists, Hernán Cortés and Moctezuma.We hear of the similarities and weaknesses of the the Spanish Empire underCarlos V and the Aztec Empire led by Moctezuma, and followColumbus' exploratory journeys to the New World. We learn...

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The Fall of Tenochtitlan: The Conquest—Part 2 45 min.

Part 2 of The Conquest, the Televisa series about the Conquest of Mexico, portrays events leading up to the fall of Tenochtitlán, capital of the Aztec Empire. Experts discuss the omens and myth of Quetzalcóatl that influenced Moctezuma's caution while dealing with the Spaniards who would have been easily defeated; and they differ on whether Moctezuma was clever to postpone attack until the Spaniar...

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Human Sacrifice and Spiritual Conquest: The Conquest—Part 3 43 min.

In this chapter two different notions, on how each empire saw the world converge and yet differ in one equally important aspect for both cultures: religion. The spiritual conquest was an even more complicated task than the military conquest, where the role of the friars and humanists was pivotal in this transformative process. The permanence and merge of beliefs became the religious basis for the...

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Luis Sepulveda: The Writer from the End of the World 52 min.

This portrait of Luis Sepúlveda plunges us into Latin America, against a background of male friendships and travels from the Amazon to Patagonia, and from Northern Europe to Andalusia. Gaining international fame with his first novel, The Old Man Who Read Love Stories, Sepúlveda's oeuvre is marked by political and ecological commitment as well as by the dictatorial repression of the 1970s, combined...

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