Area Studies

Pakistan Architecture 6 min.

Pakistan is struggling to recover from last year’s cataclysmic flooding that killed more than 1,700. It was the latest in a string of weather-related disasters the country has faced over the past two decades, prompting calls to make hard-hit communities more resilient as they rebuild. Fred de Sam Lazaro reports from the flood-ravaged Sindh province, in partnership with the Pulitzer Center.

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New! Panorama: Putin's War in Ukraine 28 min.

Four days after Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, Panorama reports on the conflict. With Paul Kenyon in Kyiv and Jane Corbin in London, the programme asks what lies behind Putin's invasion, and how Ukraine and the rest of the world have responded.

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Chad Climate Change: Creation of Refugees 9 min.

The climate crisis is now a reality worldwide, but it's nowhere more apparent than the parched landscapes of northern Africa. Thousands are on the move looking for water to grow crops and graze livestock. Special correspondent Willem Marx looks at just how dire this crisis has become in this NewsHour clip.

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Chad Security: Violence and Instability 6 min.

Government forces in the capital of Chad killed dozens of opposition protesters Thursday. Rights groups say the unarmed civilians were massacred as they protested having to wait two years for elections. Because of the violence and instability, people are suffering from a food crisis made by both man and the climate crisis. Special correspondent Willem Marx reports in this NewsHour clip.

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Should We Isolate Russia?: A Debate 49 min.

At the time Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, it was supplying the European Union with about 25 percent of its oil, 40 percent of its natural gas, and nearly 50 percent of its coal. Western nations immediately condemned the invasion and sought to punish and isolate Russia. They quickly imposed sweeping sanctions on Russian banks, businesses, and oligarchs and announced they would ban most o...

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America Is Retreating from Global Leadership: A Debate 68 min.

After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the United States emerged from the Cold War as both powerful and ascendant. As the world’s only surviving superpower, America boasted a level of military and economic supremacy seldom seen before and a strong desire to lead what President George H. W. Bush (R, 1989–93) called "a new world order." But things have changed eno...

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Matronas: The Struggle to Protect Birth in El Salvador 28 min.

Salvadoran midwives, who delivered babies even during the Civil War, now fight to protect their ancestral role in the face of government repression. As people in El Salvador lose their right to give birth at home, dehumanizing hospital experiences become the standard way of ushering life into the world. The caretaking traditions of these midwives are at risk of being lost to future generations.

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Simple as Water 99 min.

Simple As Water is a love story celebrating the bonds of family. Oscar®-winning director Megan Mylan documents Syrian families filmed over five years in five countries to reveal the impact of war, separation, and displacement. The film follows: Yasmin, a mother of four living in a tent in the port of Athens; Samra, a widow on the Turkey-Syria border grappling with the decision to leave her chil...

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Taliban Takeover 54 min.

The Taliban take over Afghanistan, and the threat of ISIS and Al Qaeda intensifies. On the ground, Najibullah Quraishi investigates uncertainty and fear among the Afghan people and revisits the lead-up to the US defeat and Taliban’s return.

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Leaving Afghanistan & India's Rape Scandal 54 min.

This program investigates the consequences of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. With exclusive access to a militant wing of the Taliban, and the story of Iran’s growing influence across the country. Also: a report on politics and rape in India.

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