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Pentecostal Movement in America (03:16)


The Pentecostal Movement began in New Testament times when the disciples of Christ began speaking in tongues. This charismatic manifestation of speaking in tongues is called glossolalia.

Formation of Assemblies of God (03:05)

In the early 1900s, a three-year Pentecostal revival swept America. The Assemblies of God were formed for the promotion of the doctrine of Christ and missions around the world, to protect the Pentecostal experience, and to establish the integrity of its ministers.

Core Beliefs of Assemblies of God (04:15)

A senior pastors presents the core beliefs of the Assemblies of God: Salvation through Jesus Christ; water baptism in the Holy Spirit; divine healing; and the second coming of Christ.

From Prison to Pulpit: One Man's Story (02:56)

Pastor Maury Davis shares his story from his early days as a drug addict and convicted first-degree murderer to his conversion to faith in prison, and finally to his position as pastor of Cornerstone Church.

Assemblies of God Church Service (02:29)

In a typical Assemblies of God Saturday night service, praise and worship are the key activities. The faithful use music to glorify and magnify Christ and God. The goal is that everyone will have an experience of Christ through the Holy Spirit.

Fellowship of Churches (01:28)

Though Assemblies of God churches are part of a fellowship, each church can have its own identity as long as the church embraces the 16 core beliefs. Pastor Davis discusses the maxim, "Jesus is the answer."

Mission in Kenya (01:57)

The Assemblies of God mission in Kenya provided the means to get water for personal use and irrigation, a public school, a private police department, and ultimately, a church.

Final Judgment/Second Coming of Christ (05:12)

Pastor Davis describes the times of the Second Coming and the Days of Tribulation on Earth. He argues that people who do not believe in Jesus as the Way, will not live eternally with God.

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The Assemblies of God

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In this program, Dennis Wholey has a conversation about the Assemblies of God with Maury Davis, senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in Madison, Tennessee. Topics of discussion include the riveting story of how Pastor Davis was touched by Christ while a teenage convict; background on the Pentecostal movement; Cornerstone’s missionary work in Kenya; and the defining truths of Assemblies of God churches: baptism in the Holy Spirit, the initial physical sign of which is speaking in tongues; divine healing; the Second Coming of Christ; and salvation exclusively through Jesus. In addition, Dana Lawson, Cornerstone’s executive pastor, describes the Friday evening service. (29 minutes)

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