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History of the Bahá’í Faith (03:58)


Bahá’í is an Arabic word that means "follower of the light, or the glory." The religion was founded in the mid-1800s in Persia/Iran. Bahá’u’lláh, a Divine Messenger, brought new spiritual and social teachings for our time.

Unity: Key Principle of the Bahá’í Faith (01:43)

The Bahá’í faith or religion is an ongoing revelation, a continual teaching process. Divine Messengers include Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, and others. They taught the concept of unity--the oneness of God, of humankind, and of religion.

Divine Messengers as Mediators (03:07)

The inaccessibility of God requires mediation, or a mediator to help humankind relate to a Divine Source. Divine Messengers embody divine qualities, and they can reveal God's messages. All major religions come from God, and God has many names.

Humanity Is One Family (03:03)

The world is moving towards a sense of unity and oneness. All humanity is one family. The Bahá’í teachings emphasize that all people as creations of one God, are part of one human family. Spiritual growth is a matter of individual responsibility.

The Bahá’í Faith: Life's Purpose (02:46)

The purpose of life is to know and love God. Humans know of God's qualities through the writings of His various Divine Messengers. Bahá’ís have access to guidance in over 100 volumes written by the prophet/founder Bahá’u’lláh.

Governance and Organization of the Bahá’í Faith (03:20)

There are over 6 million Bahá’ís in over 200 countries and territories. Organization is done primarily through Bahá’í institutions on local, national, and international levels. A global governing body oversees the Bahá’í Faith worldwide.

Bahá’í Faith: Public Worship (03:03)

The U.N. is a prototype of the kind of organization that could create world unity. The Bahá’í faith is not a proselytizing religion. Devotional meetings of the Bahá’í Faith are open to the public.

Bahá’í Faith: Journey of the Soul (03:38)

According to the Bahá’í Faith, what happens after death is purposefully mysterious to prevent people from committing suicide to get to the glory on the other side. Bahá’ís believe in an infinite number of worlds of God through which human souls traverse on their journey towards God.

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In this program, Dennis Wholey has a conversation about the Bahá’í Faith with Randolph Dobbs, director of the Los Angeles Bahá’í Center in Los Angeles, California. Topics of discussion include the meaning of Bahá’í; the history of the Faith and its founder, the divine messenger Bahaullah; the concept of religion as an ongoing revelation, with the prophet of each age bringing an additional piece of God’s message to the world; unity—the oneness of God, of humankind, and of religion—as the primary principle of the Faith; and spiritual growth as a matter of individual responsibility. Images of a Bahá’í house of worship and a variety of Bahá’í meetings are also included. (27 minutes)

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