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Mary Baker Eddy: Founder of Christian Science (04:22)


Founder of Christian Science Mary Baker Eddy was on a quest for God since early childhood. After a serious injury, Eddy finds healing through the actions of Jesus in the gospel. Her desire to share culminated in " Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures."

What Is Christian Science? (02:30)

Christian Science is a universal, practical system of spiritual, prayer-based Christian healing, available and accessible to everyone. At the heart of Christian Science is the ability to change a life around to love God and love mankind.

Basic Healing Concepts of Christian Science (03:58)

The concept of healing includes physical healing, but also healing in terms of career, education, family, mental health, and any discordant situation that can become harmonious. The real relationship with God is what changes the physical world.

Core Beliefs of Christian Science (01:54)

The core beliefs of Christian Science include the nature of God, the nature of mankind, and the practicality of the teachings and of God in mankind's lives.

Christian Science and Health Care (02:43)

A Christian Science practitioner is a professional in a public position who commits his or herself to serving others through prayer. Christian Science does not dictate what to believe or how to behave.

Christian Scientist Church Service (01:58)

Christian Science church services are simple in nature, and have little or no ritual or prescribed ceremony. The Bible-centered service is musical, and scriptures are read from the platform. The minister may expound upon readings from "Science and Health."

Mary Baker Eddy's Rules for Sunday Services (03:09)

Mary Baker Eddy laid out the rules of church services. She identified 26 subjects that would be taught on Sundays on a rotation basis. Wednesday services are testimonials about healing and prayer.

Christian Science Reading Rooms (02:05)

Reading rooms are for the public to read, reflect, and study. Christian Science is not a conversionist theology, so people are left alone in the Reading Rooms. "The Christian Science Monitor" provides international information without politics.

Faith and Meaning in The Church of Christ, Scientist (01:56)

Phil Davis of the Third Church of Christ, Scientist, in Washington, D.C., tells what the church and his faith mean to him. He talks about the presence of God and the life-giving nature of God's love.

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The Church of Christ, Scientist

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In this program, Dennis Wholey has a conversation about Christian Science with Phil Davis of the Third Church of Christ, Scientist, in Washington, D.C. Topics of discussion include milestones in the life of founder Mary Baker Eddy, the main principles of Christian Science, Christian Science reading rooms, the solution-based journalism of The Christian Science Monitor, and the application of Christian Science to the healing of discord at the individual, community, and global levels. In addition, Mary Alice Rose of the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Maryland describes the Sunday scriptural service and the Wednesday testimonial service. (27 minutes)

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