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Evangelical Mission of McLean Bible Church (02:32)


The mission of the McLean Bible Church is to impact secular Washington, D.C. with the message of Christ, and to accept Him as their personal savior. On the average, 13,000 people come through the campus center every weekend.

What Is an Evangelical Christian? (03:34)

Pastor Solomon defines an Evangelical as someone who believes in Jesus as a personal savior, believes the Bible is the inerrant word of God, believes that Jesus is the only way to salvation, and believes in sharing the good news of salvation.

Spiritual Journey from Judaism to Evangelical Christian (05:18)

Senior Pastor Lon Solomon shares the story of his upbringing in a Jewish family, his escape to the counterculture, and finally his coming to accept Jesus as his personal savior.

Evangelical Church and Service (02:55)

Congregants at McLean Bible Church experience a relevant message each Sunday about what God can do to change their lives. By design, the church does not look like a typical church. It is a place of worship with theater seats, technology, and big screens.

Core Belief of Evangelical Protestant Church (02:22)

Senior Pastor Lon Solomon explains the meaning and importance of accepting Jesus as a personal savior.

Believer's Standing Before God (04:06)

Once one has accepted Jesus, God sees that person as righteous forever. Humans, being imperfect, make mistakes and sin, but their standing with God stays the same. Pastor Solomon preaches to a wide diversity of people each weekend.

Technology and Religious Message (03:54)

The McLean Bible Church uses radio for half-hour broadcasts, but the vision for the church includes an Internet campus, pod-casting, and to accomplish their mission to reach everyone in Washington, D.C. with the message of Jesus Christ.

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Evangelical Protestantism

Part of the Series : I BELIEVE-with Dennis Wholey
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In this program, Dennis Wholey has a conversation about Evangelical Protestantism with Senior Pastor Lon Solomon of McLean Bible Church, in McLean, Virginia. Topics of discussion include what it means to accept Jesus Christ as one’s savior and messiah; how Pastor Solomon, raised Jewish, was himself born again in Christ; McLean’s mission to impact secular Washington, D.C., with the message of Christ; and the use of the Internet to help spread the Church’s message. In addition, the way in which the interior of an evangelical mega-church like McLean shapes the experience of congregants is described by Denny Harris, director of ministry operations. (27 minutes)

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