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Greek Orthodox: Original Church of the Apostles (02:15)


The Orthodox Church has preserved the original apostolic faith, which was also expressed in the common Christian tradition of the first centuries. The Orthodox Church has a patriarch, but not a monarch.

Orthodox and Catholic Religions (03:20)

Father Stephen Callos discusses the schism of 1054 and the distinctions between Orthodox Christianity and Roman Catholicism, including such issues as papal authority, and the Nicean creed, or public expression of faith.

Orthodox Christians Throughout the World (02:20)

Since the 6th century, Orthodox Christians have had to contend with the growth of Islam. The Orthodox Church flourishes in Russia and East European countries. There are about 100 million in the world, and 4 million in the U.S.

Similarities Among Orthodox Churches (02:22)

Father Stephen Callos discusses the similarities and differences among the Greek, Russian, and other Orthodox Churches. The Orthodox Church is not a "branch" of the Catholic Church.

Greek Orthodox Iconography (03:06)

Iconography in Orthodox churches is similar throughout the world. Icons are venerated but not worshipped, and they often tell a story about the person depicted. The icon of the Last Supper is the most important one in the Orthodox Church.

Old Testament/New Testament (03:36)

The Orthodox Church views the Old Testament as the "shadow" of the New Testament. Father Stephen Callos discusses the incarnation of Jesus and the 7 Ecumenical Councils.

Orthodox Church: Sunday Services (02:51)

Sunday services in the Orthodox Church provide adherents the opportunity to re-energize themselves through the Divine Liturgy. Worship and prayer are "food for the soul."

Orthodox Church: Marriage and Celibacy (02:36)

The Orthodox Church permits married clergy. The rule of celibacy came in later centuries. Bishops, however, must be celibate. Father Stephen Callos talks about the difficulties or balancing his personal and professional lives.

Purpose of a Christian Life Today (02:14)

The purpose of the Christian life is to attain holiness and become as God-like as possible. Religions may have the function of helping people make the best of themselves by discovering the God-like parts in themselves.

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The Greek Orthodox Church

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In this program, Dennis Wholey has a conversation about the Greek Orthodox Church with Father Stephen Callos of Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Topics of discussion include primary distinctions between Orthodox Christianity and Roman Catholicism; similarities and differences among the Greek, Russian, and other Orthodox Churches; the Orthodox view of the incarnation of Jesus; and marriage and celibacy within the Church. In addition, the religious iconography at Saints Constantine and Helen is explained by Bible study leader Irene Theodore. (27 minutes)

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