Segments in this Video

Religious Reformer Martin Luther (02:33)


In the early 16th century, Martin Luther takes on the Roman Catholic Church. He posts 95 reasons why the Church should change its ways. Gutenberg's printing press made it possible to spread the Luther's word throughout Europe.

Lutheranism and Lutheran Synods (02:07)

Reverend David Eberhard discusses the place of Lutheranism in the new religious order that emerged during the Reformation. Lutheran synods evolved out of the original immigrant groups that established Lutheranism in America.

What Do Lutherans Believe? (03:48)

Lutherans believe in the Word of God, the incarnation of Christ, the Resurrection of Christ, salvation through grace, and the expectation that heaven awaits the faithful after death. Luther's catechisms explain the word of God to the common people.

Importance of Martin Luther's 95 Theses (02:46)

Martin Luther's posting of the 95 theses against the Catholic Church mark the beginning of a period in which churches began to splinter off from the Church. Followers of Luther dissociate themselves from the Church's rituals and traditions.

Lutheranism: Nature of Faith (01:56)

Reverend David Eberhard explains the role of faith and good works in the Lutheran belief system.

Lutheran Sacraments and Liturgical Services (02:49)

In the Lutheran Church, sacraments are commanded by God, offer the forgiveness of sins, and have an earthly element. The sacraments are baptism and Holy Communion. The liturgical nature of Lutheran services is similar to a Catholic mass.

Lutheran Holy Communion Worship Service (02:18)

A traditional Lutheran service includes a processional, the forgiveness of sins, liturgy reading, reading of the Word, hymn singing, sermon, offering, prayers, Holy Communion, doxology, and the benediction.

Church and Community (03:06)

Rev. David Eberhard, pastor of Historic Trinity Lutheran Church in Detroit, explains the community outreach of his church. The church is an important part of downtown Detroit, and as a result, many people are involved in church activities.

Church in a Changing Society (01:50)

Rev. David Eberhard, pastor of Historic Trinity Lutheran Church in Detroit, suggests that people are becoming more traditional in their personal and family lifestyles. The Church must deal with the issues of its people living in a high-stress world.

Overview of Lutheranism (01:32)

Rev. David Eberhard, pastor of Historic Trinity Lutheran Church in Detroit wants people to know that the Lutheran Church is not closed to people outside the faith and is an open, caring, and authentic body of believers.

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In this program, Dennis Wholey has a conversation about Lutheranism with the Reverend David Eberhard of Historic Trinity Lutheran Church, in Detroit, Michigan. Topics of discussion include Martin Luther, his 95 theses, and the Reformation; the doctrine of justification and other core beliefs; the Church’s two sacraments; The Book of Concord; how Historic Trinity Lutheran Church stays relevant to both its congregants and the city of Detroit; and concerns over the hectic pace and stress of modern life. The program also goes inside Historic Trinity to illustrate aspects of a typical liturgy-oriented Lutheran worship service. (27 minutes)

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