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Definition of Jewish Rabbi (00:52)


Rabbi, in Judaism, means a religious teacher, and the spiritual leader of a Jewish congregation, qualified to expound and apply Jewish law.

Core Beliefs of Judaism (02:48)

Core beliefs of Judaism center on the belief in one God, (monotheism), a God who has expectations of His people about their behavior and how Jews can spiritually enrich their communities. A Rabbi explains different Jewish traditions.

Meaning of Torah and Moses the Prophet (02:30)

The word Torah has many different applications. Torah literally means instruction, a teaching, and does not mean law. As an artifact, the Torah contains the first five books of Moses, the supreme prophet of the Jewish tradition.

Judaism as Religion, Culture, and a People (03:36)

The original Jewish family was Abraham, Sarah, and their extended family. This culture predated the establishment by Moses of the Jewish religion. The Zionist movement is a "longing to return to the land" and to reorganize Jewish identity.

Reform Judaism (04:06)

The notion of reform has the appearance of individual choice, but in the Jewish sense, it is a reaction to a change in the structure in the political environment in which Jews and others live.

Essential Messages of Judaism: Practice and Belief (03:35)

Rabbi Sussman discusses the intellectual and psychological challenges of monotheism. Jewish people do not imagine God as corporeal. More important than life after death is life itself and daily practice of what is right.

Jewish Synagogue (02:41)

The purpose of the Jewish synagogue is to be a gathering place for religious learning, for getting closer to God, and a place to build a community. The principal service is on Friday, and services are held every Saturday morning.

Reform Judaism in America (02:22)

Reform Judaism is now the largest Jewish movement in North America, with more than 900 congregations and 1.5 million people. Judaism works on a 7-day with the Sabbath on Friday night and Saturday. This is out of sync with American society.

Judaism: God, Mankind, and Faith (02:56)

The relationship between God and mankind is one of God searching for mankind rather than the other way around. Rabbi Sussman explains what his faith means to him.

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Reform Judaism

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In this program, Dennis Wholey has a conversation about Reform Judaism with Senior Rabbi Lance J. Sussman of Congregation Keneseth Israel in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. Topics of discussion include core beliefs of Judaism and distinctions between different Jewish denominations, the Torah, Moses, the complex ethnicity of Judaism, Zionism and Israel, the birth of Reform Judaism, and arguably the most significant challenge to practicing Judaism in the U.S.: weekly services that fall on Friday and Saturday, out of synch with the societal patterns of mainstream America. In addition, Andrew Flame, president of Keneseth Israel, tours viewers through the synagogue. (27 minutes)

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