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History of the Reformed Church (04:27)


The Christian Reformed Church has its roots in the Reformation of the sixteenth century. Martin Luther broke from the Catholic Church for its abuses. The Christian Reformed Church embraces the key teachings of John Calvin.

Prayer and Grace in the Reformed Church (02:27)

Prayer in the Reformed Church is personal and spontaneous. Grace is unmerited goodness and blessings that God gives to believers.

God's Purpose for Creation (03:35)

Senior Minister Arthur Caliandro asserts that humans are souls sent to Earth to have a human, earthly experience. Life on earth is hard and complicated; thus, humans are created for the growth of the soul.

Reformed Church: Accountability and the Afterlife (01:25)

The Reformed Church believes that after death, Christians face God and His angelic messengers to whom all people are accountable for their lives. They will answer a question such as, "What did you do with the life you were given?"

Reformed Church: Psychology and Theology (02:44)

In 1937, Norman Vincent Peale established a clinic with Freudian psychiatrist Dr. Smiley Blanton in the basement of the Marble Collegiate Church. Dr. Peale believed in psychological wholeness through a blend of religion and psychiatry.

Reformed Church Service (02:26)

A typical service in a Reformed Church consists of a general welcome to guests from other states and countries, music, and a message from the pulpit. The message is one of hope and positivism.

Role of Psychiatry and Psychology in the Lives of Christians (03:18)

Is prayer just the power of positive thinking? Should Christians rely on psychiatry or God? Senior Minister Arthur Caliandro discusses his experience with psychiatry. The desire of every human being is to make his or her life count.

Prayer and Purpose (01:20)

Prayer is a life-changing process. It is an expression of few words that asks, "What do You (God) want me to do?" Listening is a key part of prayer, for that is how one learns of God's purpose for each individual.

Vulnerability: Key to Getting Help (03:02)

Men are often reluctant to reach out to ask for help. Senior Minister Arthur Caliandro urges men to be vulnerable. Vulnerability requires courage. Faith is a power around us and in us that enhances life and makes it greater.

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The Reformed Church

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In this program, Dennis Wholey has a conversation about the Reformed Church with Senior Minister Arthur Caliandro of Marble Collegiate Church, in New York City—the oldest continuous Protestant organization in the U.S. and the former pulpit of Norman Vincent Peale. Topics of discussion include background on the Reformed Church, the purpose of Creation, the workings of grace, the power of prayer, accountability for one’s life decisions, and the complementary relationship between psychology and theology. In addition, Kim Sebastian Ryan, archivist of MCC, explains aspects of a typical worship service. (27 minutes)

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