Segments in this Video

Who Are Spiritual Mediums? (03:44)


Lee Jones, founder of the Spiritualist Center in Los Angeles, California, explains what a credentialed medium can do. She explains the concept of "god" and "spirit." The philosophy of spiritualism is not faith-based, but based on "knowingness."

History of Spiritualism (03:40)

In 1848, spiritualism took hold as a movement with the Fox sisters in New York who heard rapping in their small cottage. Ultimately, the rapping was attributed to a spirit of a deceased peddler. Spiritualism is a philosophy, a religion, and a science.

Anointed Healings at the Spiritualist Center (03:11)

At an "anointed healing" at the Spiritualist Center, healers will be able to "knock people over" without touching them when they pass healing energy to another person.

Evolution of a Spiritualist (02:01)

Spiritualist Center founder Lee Jones discusses how she first became involved in spiritualism. She started first with card reading, then moved into automatic writing, and then into being a medium.

Spiritualism Sunday Service (01:55)

Minister/Medium Richard Gebers outlines a typical service at the Spiritualist Center. People write down questions the needs answers for; healings take place; and songs are sung to raise the vibrations. The service includes a lecture

A Medium Channels Abraham Lincoln (02:21)

Minister/Medium Richard Gebers discusses the gift of "channeling." A channel brings in spirits from "across the veil," such as Abraham Lincoln. The voice of Lincoln explains why he went to the theater the night of his assassination.

Spiritualist Beliefs (01:54)

Minister/Medium Richard Gebers discusses his book "In This World But Not of It," in which he discusses immortality, spiritual healing, communication with Atlantean scientists, and contact with malevolent spirits.

Séance Experience: Spiritual Visitors (03:34)

Spiritualist Center founder Lee Jones relates her experiences in the first séance she attended. Chief White Cloud, who had been writing through her automatic writing, spoke to her at the séance.

Authentic Spiritualist Experience (02:21)

One can judge the authenticity of a spiritualist experience by the results. Spiritualist Center founder Lee Jones basically says, "If it works, then it is real." Spiritualists take comfort in that they are never alone; spirit is with them.

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In this program, Dennis Wholey has a conversation about spiritualism with Lee Jones, founder of the Spiritualist Center in Los Angeles, California. Topics of discussion include the birth of spiritualism in the U.S. in 1848; spiritualism as a philosophy, a religion, and a science; the nature of life after death; the séance experience; anointed healings; and how to recognize an authentic spiritualist experience. In addition, Minister/Medium Richard Gebers outlines a typical service at the Spiritualist Center. (27 minutes)

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