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History of The United Church of Christ (04:53)


The United Church of Christ (UCC) is a mainline Protestant Christian denomination formed in 1957 by the union of two denominations, the Evangelical and Reformed Church and the Congregational Christian Churches.

Diversity and Social Outreach of The United Church of Christ (05:33)

UCC has a range of liberals and conservatives, a diversity that affects the social outreach and the theological core of the Church. The UCC is committed to social justices such as equal marriage rights and the Israel/Palestine situation.

The United Church of Christ: Role of the Conscience (01:39)

The conscience of an individual believer is very important in the UCC. What is required to join the UCC is a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. Other than that, the conscience of individuals and of collective congregations guides decisions about behavior and issues.

UCC Outreach Campaign (02:18)

Hans Holznagel of the UCC Church House in Cleveland discusses the Church's "God is Still Speaking" campaign. Believers continue to seek God's purpose for them and for their role in society.

The United Church of Christ Worship Service (02:43)

Reverend Felix Carrion outlines the history of the Euclid Avenue Congregational Church. The church welcomes visitors. After a prelude, the minister calls parishioners to worship. The service is formalized like many other Protestant churches.

UCC Welcomes Everyone (05:17)

This segment features several of the UCC's television ads that focus on welcoming newcomers to the UCC's churches. The ads respond to the common situation of people feeling rejected by churches.

What Is Faith? (02:16)

Hans Holznagel of the UCC Church House in Cleveland expresses what his faith means to him.

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The United Church of Christ

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In this program, Dennis Wholey has a conversation about the United Church of Christ with Hans Holznagel of the UCC Church House in Cleveland, Ohio. Topics of discussion include how the UCC came to be, the importance of social justice in UCC philosophy, and the “God Is Still Speaking” outreach campaign and “You’re Welcome Here” television advertisements. In addition, the Reverend Felix Carrion of Cleveland’s Euclid Avenue Congregational Church of the United Church of Christ outlines the history of the church and what a Sunday worship service is like. (27 minutes)

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