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Collective and Personal Experience of God (03:51)


Religious leaders discuss the definition of religion, including the collective and personal experience of having "glimpses of God." Religion is an organized attempt to connect mankind with god.

Interfaith Definitions of Religion (02:29)

For Hindus, God is everything, and religions are facets of God. Though Buddhism is not a theistic religion, it shares in common the experience of the sacred. The Jewish definition of religion is a human being's search for meaning in a society.

Who or What Is God? (03:40)

Is "God" the truth that underlies the whole cosmos? Or, is "God" a spiritual being? God may have imprinted on mankind a knowledge of himself during the Creation. In Buddhist language, God might be called "emptiness" or "Buddha nature."

Many Names of God (03:21)

If God and ultimate truth are the same, then all religions seek connection with the same god. Many religious people are intolerant of other interpretations of God, going so far as to say they are wrong, or worse, going to war over differences.

Religions: Is There Common Ground? (04:14)

Though religious leaders may embrace other religions for their similarities instead of differences, the common laity is often unsettled by confrontations of different beliefs. Leaders must help their people find common ground.

Pluralistic Nature of Religion (02:54)

Religious intolerance and disrespect is often based on fear. Leaders can help their people understand the pluralistic nature of religion--there are many roads to the truth.

Respect, Tolerance, and the Concept of Suffering (02:35)

Some religious people believe they have an exclusive handle on the truth. Activities that help people experience different points of view helps people focus on similarities rather than differences. Religious experts discuss the concept of suffering.

Public Nature of Religion (01:48)

Is religion more public than it has been in the recent past? The US is founded on separation of church and state, yet the influence of the sacred appears more in the "public square." This may help in finding common solutions to society's ills.

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Interfaith Discussion, Part 1

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In this program, Dennis Wholey begins a dialogue on the role of religion and faith in contemporary American culture with spokespeople from the InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington; Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good; the Washington Buddhist Peace Fellowship; the Islamic Society of North America; the Agudas Achim Conservative Jewish Congregation of Alexandria, Virginia; and the Sri Siva Vishnu Temple in Lanham, Maryland. Topics of discussion include a nuanced definition of religion, the tendency among religions to define themselves by their differences, the dynamics of intra-religious and interreligious intolerance, and the importance of respect rather than mere tolerance between religions. (27 minutes)

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