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Religious Diversity (03:37)


Today, religion is "in the public square." An Imam suggests that some religions dominate and intimidate those of other religions. Why are people today so afraid of ethnic and religious diversity?

Immigration and Intolerance (03:07)

Religious leaders of different faiths discuss immigration issues, with an emphasis on Americans' resistance to influx of new people. After all, one notes, America is a country of immigrants from its inception.

Americans Fear Competition for Jobs and Money (03:06)

Because many Americans suffer economic insecurity, they resent others who into the country who drain the country's resources and take away jobs. Often, all of America's problems are blamed on "the others."

America's History of Immigration (03:59)

As a culture and a country, America began with immigration that ultimately built the country. Today, Americans seem to fear immigration. It appears that a self-appointed core of 'true' Americans have circled the wagons against outsiders.

Judaism: Importance of Life's Purpose (03:26)

Judaism is not overly invested in the afterlife. The focus is on learning to live a good life in the present, every day. It is important to discover one's purpose on Earth, and to fulfill that purpose.

Karma and Justice (04:21)

The Buddhist tradition teaches that humans act out of free will. Souls continue to have human experiences until they reach perfection. Other religious leaders discuss the concept of justice in the here and now.

Value of Faith (03:23)

Religious leaders discuss how they value their faith.

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Interfaith Discussion, Part 2

Part of the Series : I BELIEVE-with Dennis Wholey
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In this program, Dennis Wholey continues a dialogue on the role of religion and faith in contemporary American culture with spokespeople from the InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington; Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good; the Washington Buddhist Peace Fellowship; the Islamic Society of North America; the Agudas Achim Conservative Jewish Congregation of Alexandria, Virginia; and the Sri Siva Vishnu Temple in Lanham, Maryland. Topics of discussion include why diversity is frightening to many today; the responsibilities of religion in America’s ongoing immigration debate; the importance of embracing the present, whatever it holds, rather than clinging to an idealized past; and the varied degrees of influence that belief in an afterlife can have on daily living. (27 minutes)

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